BuzzBox 2023

In 2023, we watched the world continue to change around us, with new threats to habitats arising. Concerned for the future, our team discussed how our collective impact could support greater sustainability.  

From this conversation came the idea of honeybees — amazing insects that align with our mission to deliver positive and consistent results for our clients.  

How It Works

These pollinating insects travel from plant to plant, carrying pollen on their bodies, allowing for the transfer of genetic material that is critical to the reproductive system of most flowering plants.  

These are the very plants that:  

• Bring us countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  

• Create ½ of the world’s oils, fibers, and raw materials.  

• Prevent soil erosion.  

• Increase carbon sequestration.  

These ongoing interactions within the ecosystem go unnoticed by most, but impact us all. Honeybees are a precious resource that requires our urgent attention and action.   

All proceeds raised will be committed to honeybee conservation efforts in our community.  

Want to help?

Curious about modern bee keeping? Learn more about how to house your own hive and join our effort in supporting eco-diversity in our community.